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ASOS Tassel Earrings

Happy Friday friends and welcome to the first installment of my weekend sale picks. Every Friday, I’ll go online window shopping at some popular retailers and share some items from their sales. Why make you browse through page after page of sales items when I’m here for you? Today, I’ll be checking out the ASOS sale racks.

I’ll admit that for the past couple years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with ASOS. Recently though, I’ve found a few gems on their site so I’m giving them a piece of my heart (and wallet) again. Jumping right in, here are some of my best picks this weekend from the Asos sales, and they’re all under $60.

Statement Tassel  Earrings

When it comes to earrings for me, bigger is definitely better and the closer they are to my shoulders, the more I fall in love. Tassels are in right now and they’re a great way to wear statement earrings without weighing down your earlobes since they are SO light! They are trendy though so you want to pay as little as possible while still maintaining quality. We all know how trends can be; here today, gone tomorrow, back next decade.



I absolutely love dresses because you just throw them on and go. No need to worry about what top goes with what bottom. I didn’t have much luck in this department today but I managed to find a combination of casual day dresses and a few for more formal events. That maxi one with the open back would be so much fun to wear on a breezy day at sea haha!



If there’s anything else I love more than spring dresses, it just might be rompers. They offer the same ‘throw-on-and-go’ benefit as dresses, but you can show all that leg without the fear of the wind exposing your goodies to the world. What’s not to love? My only issue with rompers is that it can sometimes be a struggle to find one with a long enough torso for me. I ain’t trying to be walking around with shorts all up in my crotch. #tallGirlProblems

That’s it! Now get to shopping and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope you enjoyed window shopping the ASOS sale rack with me and found something you like. Bear with me as I test out different formats and layouts for these weekend sales. Thanks so much for reading and see you on the next one.


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